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Coast Fire Equipment offers Monthly Inspections and complies with all the Title 19 regulations regarding fire extinguisher service. The Monthly Inspection of the fire extinguishers consists of the following:

  • The fire extinguisher is hanging at location
  • The fire extinguisher is unobstructed, 36” clearance
  • The fire extinguisher is in good overall condition
  • The fire extinguisher is properly charged
  • The fire extinguisher is properly tagged and up to date
  • The fire extinguisher has proper signage
  • The fire extinguisher has tamper seal in place

The Monthly Inspections of Emergency Eyewash Stations (EEWS) consists of the following:

  • Sign off inspection tag and replace it if necessary
  • Check for signage
  • Check for overall condition (no leaks, caps and levers working)
  • Clean eye cup filters (shower and eyewash)
  • Run water until clean (shower and eyewash)
  • Check for water flow direction
  • Clean up residual water
  • List deficiencies
  • Dump water in allocated drain areas

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